WLG | impact

Local steps to global impact.
  • June 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022
  • 2:00 AM EDT


Local steps to global impact. Check out how our member firms are planning to make an impact this year during WLG's second annual network-wide Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Alfaro-Abogados (Argentina) is committed to making an impact on the environment. They will encourage employees to continue hybrid work and reduce commuting to and from the office. The use of public transport, bicycles and electric scooters are encouraged to reduce their overall carbon footprint. Other initiatives include distribution of reusable tote bags to employees and clients to discourage the use of plastic, incorporating better use of technology to reduce paper use, lowering overall energy consumption with energy efficient tech, and encouraging their ‘reuse and recycle’ policy (recycling coffee capsules and paper products).

Arias (Costa Rica) plans to do a series of internal conferences focused on carbon emissions and carbon footprint education and an external event that will concern environmental issues. Firm staff will also be hands-on by either participating in a tree-planting initiative or teaming up with local companies to do a beach/river clean-up. 

Arnold & Porter (Washington, D.C., U.S.A)—coming soon.

AZB & Partners (India)—coming soon.

Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (South Korea) will participate in cooperative projects that help resolve various community affairs and address environmental issues such as climate change and resource circulation. The firm will also provide free legal advice to projects relevant to its causes.

In the summer of 2021, 450,000 olive trees in Ancient Olympia burned during a catastrophic fire. Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners (Greece), thanks to the support of several donors, collected enough money to procure 135,000 new olive trees and donate them to affected farmers. The firm organized a team of experts led by Yanos Gramatidis to select, transport, and deliver the new olive trees. This project continues to support the local economy, assist the 1,770 affected farmers and their families, help the environment, and restore the prestige of Ancient Olympia.

Starting in 2020, Bech-Brunn (Denmark) began compiling annual reports to monitor its environmental efforts. The differences in reported consumption over the years showed the firm that its carbon footprint was substantially influenced by how it conducted business. As a result, Bech-Brunn aims to significantly reduce consumption and create goals to help achieve this mission. These goals include holding higher standards for suppliers, reducing resource consumption at the office, and increasing the scope of its advisory services for renewable energy and green transition projects.

Bruchou, Fernandez Madero & Lombardi (Argentina) recently launched its Climate Action and Sustainable Business Platform, including a new multidisciplinary legal team. The team focuses on energy law, environmental and sustainable business, clean energies, green financing, compliance, and general ESG advice. The firm is also implementing several sustainable initiatives in the next year, such as compiling its first sustainability report, assessing its ability to become a B Corporation, and carrying out a series of "Awareness & Actions" activities during June.

Castrén & Snellman (Finland) is incorporating climate clauses in the firm's model contracts to help meet its sustainability objectives. A team of C&S lawyers will ensure these clauses are adapted to Finland's legal system and climate policy using The Chancery Lane Project toolkit. Climate-conscious contracts will help the firm meet its sustainability objectives.

Building on the momentum of Chandler MHM Limited's (Thailand) WLG | impact project last year, the firm will visit three local schools during the remainder of 2022. While there, staff will provide funding and assistance, including establishing a school garden, donating supplies, and painting school facilities. Their next visit is to an impoverished school in Phetchaburi Province, south of Bangkok.

"CMS is planting the future" - this summer, CMS Germany in Stuttgart will move into a new green office building topped with trees and covered in plants. Some key environmental features of green buildings include rainwater retention, air quality improvement, noise reduction, and building cooling. The firm will also auction off the trees from their new facility and donate to childhood ADHD research and reforestation efforts.

This spring, CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd. (Switzerland) made a significant donation to Ukraine as a humanitarian effort. The firm has also begun several other environmentally friendly initiatives as a part of WLG | impact. These initiatives include introducing reusable glass bottles to the office, reducing their carbon footprint by purchasing office bicycles, and entering into car-sharing arrangements.

Cuatrecasas (Spain) will put in place a training and knowledge development plan for all its lawyers aiming at: (i) providing a climate change science based training allowing legal services to be aligned with the Paris Agreement climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives; and (ii) the research and development of legal knowledge to  to contribute, as lawyers and in all our practices, in the transition to a green economy.   

ENSafrica (South Africa)—coming soon.

Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP (Illinois, U.S.A.) will replicate and enhance its native pollinator garden program for WLG | impact. The program focuses on repopulating the community with native plants to support and repopulate pollinators.

Formosa Transnational (Taiwan) plans to reevaluate its promotion of CSR by using Taiwan's rules for public companies as a guide. The four perspectives the firm will focus on are responsible organization and structure, environment, society, and governance. The project will culminate in June.

Goodmans LLP (Ontario, Canada)—coming soon.

Gross Brown (Paraguay) will participate in several initiatives for WLG | impact. One activity includes partnering with Todo Pulmón Paraguay ONG to plant over 400 trees in their community. The firm will also host recycling workshops for children to promote intelligent reuse and educate the next generation on environmental issues. Finally, Gross Brown will spend a day cleaning Asunción Bay with a local organization.

Herzog Fox & Neeman (Israel) participated in WLG | impact by hosting a Directors' Roundtable on Climate Change in conjunction with the American Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Directors in Israel. The roundtable discussions centered on business strategies, financing, and risk management. One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Ruth Dagan, partner and head of Herzog Fox & Neeman's Environmental and Climate Change department.

Hergüner Bilgen Özeke (Turkey) will distribute seeds to all team members of the firm to plant and distribute. Seeds will be obtained from Datca region in the Mediterranean coast and will flourish flowers that will be specifically attractive for bees. The program will encourage pollination and preservation of the native bee communities. 

Honey bees pollinate 80 percent of the world's flowering plants. In fact, out of the top 100 human food crops, bees pollinate 70, including fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Despite how vital these tiny creatures are to our world and daily lives, their numbers are rapidly declining. To help grow the population of honey bees, Hunton Andrews Kurth (Texas, U.S.A.) will be distributing wildflower seed packets to each employee for planting. In addition to the wildflower seed packet distribution, the firm will also host an electronics recycling drive during June.

Locke Lord LLP (Masachussets, U.S.A.) will participate in three service programs on June 20 in honor of Juneteenth, a holiday honoring the end of slavery in the U.S.

  1. Foster Forward:  Locke Lord volunteers will do yard clean-up, beautification, swing set assembly, etc. at one of Foster Forward sites.  

  2. Central Falls Food Pantry at Progresso Latino:  Locke Lord volunteers will help stock and then service families coming to the food pantry.

  3. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council – River Clean-Up Day:  Locke Lord volunteers will do an outdoor river clean up.

According to the IDEP Foundation, mangrove forests are destroyed at an alarming rate. As of 2022, 71 percent of these trees are damaged in Indonesia. Mangrove forests, however, are a vital habitat for fish and help protect coastal communities from land erosion, floods, and tsunamis. To combat this deforestation and help restore the environment, Makarim & Taira S. (Indonesia) will help plant mangrove trees at the Mangrove Ecotourism Center PIK in Jakarta during the first week of June as a part of WLG | impact.

Mason Hayes & Curran (Ireland) will host its annual Green Month initiative for WLG | impact to promote pan-firm engagement in environmentally sustainable practices. Practices include beach clean-ups, no car day, vegfest, bee-planting workshops, and plant a tree day. These activities encourage a culture of sustainability and an awareness of staff's impact on the environment. A few of the goals for Green Month are reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, reducing water consumption, and encouraging greener modes of transport.

To celebrate WLG | impact, MinterEllison (Australia) is hosting an online event featuring leading ESG specialist and senior associate Charlotte Turner. Charlotte will explain her work with The Chancery Lane Project and discuss the opportunities for lawyers in all practice areas and jurisdictions to get involved. The conversation will be available as a podcast recording for World Law Group's network. 

Pellerano Nadal (Dominican Republic) is working on several environmental projects for WLG | impact. The first is Tapitas x Quimio 4ta Edición (Plastic Caps for Chemo 4th Edition). This campaign collects plastic bottle caps and sells them to recycling companies. Proceeds go to children undergoing chemotherapy treatments in the Dominican Republic. The next campaign is Vasos x Vidrios (Glasses for Glasses), where employees will collect old glass containers in exchange for new glass cups. Finally, as in previous years, the firm will participate in a beach cleanup day. Staff will choose a beach in the Dominican Republic and take their team to collect trash.

PLMJ (Portugal) has supported the project Girl MOVE Academy for WLG | impact. The Grassroots Leadership Academy in Mozambique creates innovative education models to amplify talent, increase gender equality, and promote sustainable transformation through mentorship programs. This year, Girl MOVE Academy has launched a new edition of Changemaker LAB, led by Mozambican women, to promote local talent. For four months, young Mozambicans will work in the communities of Nampula to cultivate solutions for economic and social challenges. This year, the academy focuses on renewable energy, creating a circular economy, peace, agriculture, nutrition, sanitation, health, and digital and financial literacy. PLMJ will support this project for 13 weeks as a part of its mission to ensure peace, justice, and human rights.

Setterwalls (Sweden) strives to become a carbon-neutral company and implement continuous improvements in routines and processes to minimize their climate footprint. This work includes raising awareness about the importance of resource efficiency in from travel to purchasing and source sorting. Another step in this ambition is climate compensation by supporting Vi-skogen – a Swedish aid organization that fights poverty and improves the environment through tree planting. Setterwalls plants trees through Vi-skogen each time they welcome a new co-worker. For WLG | impact Setterwalls has made an extra donation to the Vi-skogen aid organization and their important work in improving for both humans and our climate.

After noticing great success and participation last year, Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak (Poland) will again ask associates to record their steps for ten days as a part of WLG | impact. The step-counting program encourages employees to be physically active and helps the environment by encouraging people to walk to work instead of driving. Those who have taken at least 10,000 steps a day will receive an eco prize, and the top three in the program will receive three months' worth of public transport tickets.

Sorainen (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) is dedicating its annual pro bono program to the environmental theme of WLG | impact. The program will take place in June and include an employee activity and a celebration of World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day.

Jumping off from its solid waste management initiatives in 2021, SyCipLaw (Philippines) has partnered with Basic Environmental Systems and Management Inc. (BEST) to participate in their Trash to Cashback Program. As a part of WLG | impact, BEST will set up a pop-up booth every week at the SyCipLaw building to collect recyclable materials from tenants in exchange for environmental points. In addition, given the rising amount of electronic products, the firm plans to conduct an e-waste collection and recycling drive in the community.

Taylor Wessing (Germany) strongly believes in preserving our environment and planet. Since they kicked off their carbon reduction initiative last year the firm has continuously promoted and planted trees to compensate for their carbon footprint. For the month of June employees are motivated to walk or bike to work in order to achieve the goal of planting an additional 500 trees in Germany. Furthermore, a few colleagues will take a three day bike trip to check out the progress of our trees in the Eastern region of Germany.

TozziniFreire Advogados (Brazil) will bring attention to environmental issues during WLG | impact. The firm will first screen environmental documentaries for its employees. Then, the firm will hold two roundtable discussions to create a space for people to discuss the content of the videos they watched. The sessions will explore how investing and technology impact the environment. This initiative aims to replace day-to-day environmental discussions with ones on how the environment relates to business.

About one in seven people entering a hospital need blood, and just one pint of blood can save three lives. To help with this need, VILAF (Vietnam) will participate in a blood drive for WLG | impact. In addition, the firm will also host a charity program in their community. 

Our member firms aren't the only ones participating in WLG | impact. The World Law Group staff team will collect and dispose of trash in our respective local communities in Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado, and Nova Scotia. The goal is for each staff member to collect and dispose of at least three trash bags. In addition, WLG's Compliance & Investigations Group will host a public webinar discussing the E in ESG on June 7. 

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