WLG | impact

Local steps to global impact.
  • June 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022
  • 2:00 AM EDT

 WLG | impact '22 will take place this June. 

Local steps to global impact. Check out how our member firms are planning to make an impact this year during WLG's second annual network-wide Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Arias (Costa Rica) has planned a series of carbon emissions and carbon footprint training conferences internally, as well as an environmental event externally (ideas include a tree-planting initiative or teaming up with other local companies to do a beach or river clean-up).

Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (South Korea) joined the organization for public-private cooperation hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government which deals with administrative affairs of the capital city of South Korea. The organization will explore the opportunities for cooperative projects that could help resolve various community affairs, and plan to execute promising projects focused on environmental issues such as climate change and resource circulation. From May 2022, Bae, Kim & Lee will be providing free legal advice to support the organization and relevant projects.

Around Ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games started, 450,000 olive trees were burnt by the catastrophic fires of the summer 2021. Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners (Greece) with the support of the local authorities undertook the task to allocate and also collect sufficient funds to procure 135,000 new olive trees and donate them to the farmers damaged. As a result, an amount of Euro 850,000 has been collected, and by the end of April 2022, a record time for such a project, all new trees shall have been delivered to the farmers damaged. To achieve the above goal Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners organized a team of experts (agronomists, landscape experts and administrative clerks) led by Yanos Gramatidis who selected suitable new olive trees from all over the country, arranged for their transportation to the area of Ancient Olympia and commenced their delivery. It is worthwhile noting that the above CSR project is the first materialized project in Greece after the fires of summer 2021. The project supports the local economy, the 1770 farmers and their families, the environment, and the reputation of Ancient Olympia as a global symbol of peace and of the Olympic Games.  

Building on last year's WLG | impact momentum, Chandler MHM Limited (Thailand) will visit three local schools during the remainder of 2022 to provide funding and assistance, including establishing a school garden, donating supplies, painting facilities, and more. Their next visit is scheduled in April to an impoverished school in Phetchaburi Province south of Bangkok.

Bech Bruun (Denmark)—ln order to monitor our climate efforts now and in future, we made the decision in 2020 to prepare annual climate accounts. ln 2021, these accounts helped us maintain a continuous focus on our consumption and on the suppliers with which we collaborate. ln the coming years, we also intend for the climate accounts to act as a guideline for our work to identify relevant focus areas that may contribute to ensuring that we continually reduce our overall carbon footprint.

The considerable difference between our consumption in 2019-2021 emphasises that our conduct has a substantial impact on the amount of carbon dioxide we emit. As a result, we will intensify our efforts to reduce our consumption going forward. Accordingly, our goal for 2022 is to draft a climate strategy with specific targets for our consumption and a clear plan for our future efforts. We will, for example, focus on making higher demands on the suppliers that we collaborate with to run our offices and similar focus areas in which we can create a positive change. By focusing continuously on our conduct and resource consumption, our ambition is to reduce our carbon footprint and thereby to contribute to promoting the green transition.

Bech-Bruun's 2022 targets: To draft an overall climate strategy; To further map out the areas in which we can minimize our consumption; To increase our focus on the climate footprint of our suppliers; To continue our commitment to sustainable development in the construction sector; To increase the scope of our advisory services on renewable energy and the green transition.

Bruchou Fernandez Madero & Lombardi (Argentina)—In the midst of Bruchou launching its Climate Action and Sustainable Business Platform - a new multidisciplinary legal team built on the firm’s consolidated practice in energy law, environmental, sustainable business, clean energies, green financing, compliance, and general advice on ESG together with a series of sustainable initiatives such as its upcoming and first sustainability report and the the currently processing assessment to verify the feasibility of becoming a B Corporation we will be carrying out a series of "Awareness & Actions" activities during the month of June (name to be confirmed yet). During this month we will be: 

(i) organizing different Bruchou Insights trainings/presentations (4) for everyone in the firm to learn about these initiatives (which most are not aware of) and, in addition. 

(ii) carrying out different concrete sustainable actions inside the workplace and in the surrounding community. 

"CMS planting the future" - this summer, CMS Germany in Stuttgart will move into a new green office building topped with trees and covered in plants. Key features of green buildings include rainwater retention, air quality improvement, noise reduction, and cooling through shading and evaporation. In addition to their move, CMS Germany will also participate in WLG | impact by symbolically auctioning off the trees on top of the building and donating the money to childhood ADHD research and reforestation. 

CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd. (Switzerland) has made a significant donation to Ukraine this spring as a humanitarian effort. They have also taken other environmentally friendly initiatives such as decreasing the number of PET bottles by introducing re-usable glass bottles, and reducing their carbon footprint by purchasing office bicycles to commute between two Zurich office locations, and entering into car-sharing arrangements to allow personnel not to take their own car but to use either public transportation or the car-sharing cars for client visits, etc.

Faegre Drinker (Illinois - U.S.A.) will be re-running and enhancing their native pollinator garden program focused on repopulating our communities with native plants to support pollinators.

In 2022, Formosa Transnational (Taiwan) plans to evaluate its promotion of CSR from four perspectives: (1) responsible organization and structure, (2) environment, (3) society, and (4) governance, by making reference to the rules applicable to public companies in Taiwan. The outcome of the evaluation is expected to be finalized this June as part of WLG | impact.

Goodmans LLP (Ontario - Canada) - coming soon!

Gross Brown (Paraguay) will participate in this year's WLG | impact by partnering with Todo Pulmón Paraguay ONG to plant over 400 trees in the community. They will also host recycling workshops for local children to promote intelligent reuse to the next generation. Their plans don't stop there, however! The firm will be rounding out its community service by partnering with a local organization to clean Asunción Bay for a whole day.

Did you know honey bees perform about 80 percent of all pollination worldwide? Of the top 100 human food crops, 70 need bees to pollinate them. However, the population of honey bees is declining rapidly. Hunton Andrews Kurth (Texas, U.S.A.) will be doing their part to #savethebees by distributing wildflower seed packets to each employee. In addition to the wildflower seed packet distribution, they will also host an electronics recycling drive in June.

Herzog Fox & Neeman (Israel) will be hosting a Directors' Roundtable on Climate Change in conjunction with the American Israel Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Directors in Israel.  The roundtable will discuss business strategies, financing and risk management. One of the keynote speakers will be Dr. Ruth Dagan, partner and head of Herzog's Environmental and Climate Change department.   

Makarim & Taira S. (Indonesia) will plant mangrove trees at the Mangrove Ecotourism Center PIK in Jakarta. Mangrove forests are an essential habitat for fish and help protect coastal communities from land erosion, floods, and tsunamis. These forests, however, are being destroyed at an alarming rate, with 71% in Indonesia having already sustained damage.

Mason Hayes & Curran (Ireland) is committed to encouraging a culture of sustainability and an awareness of their impact on the environment, along with reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, reducing water consumption and encouraging greener modes of transport.  In order to encourage a sustainable culture within the firm, their flagship annual Green Month initiative brings pan-firm engagement in environmentally sustainable practices. There is a range of practical initiatives and educational talks, activities, and workshops. Examples include beach clean-ups, no car day, vegfest, bee-planting workshops, and plant a tree day. The initiative has led to tangible long lasting results. For example, following the first annual Green Month, re-cycling of dry mixed goods increased by 85%.

This year, Pellerano Nadal (Dominican Republic) will engage in several projects for WLG | impact. The firm has already begun participating in the Tapitas x Quimio 4ta Edición (Plastic Caps for Chemo 4th Edition), from March to November. During the campaign, members collect plastic bottle caps and sell them to recycling companies. The sales proceeds are donated to children going through chemotherapy treatments in the Dominican. Pellerano Nadal's second project is Vasos x Vidrios (Glasses for Glasses), carried out this April. The project consists of collecting old glass containers to be exchanged for new glass cups. Last but certainly not least, the firm will partake in National Beach Cleanup Day in September. They will choose a beach in the Dominican Republic and take their team to collect trash there.

PLMJ "We have been supporting the project Girl MOVE Academy. This is a Grassroots Leadership Academy that creates innovative models of education to amplify talent, increase gender equality and promote sustainable transformation through programmes that are intertwined by this special way of seeing, doing and receiving mentorship. This leading academy creates real value and impact in Mozambique and in the world. It does so by designing and implementing initiatives to co-create solutions to test and validate ideas aimed at responding to the social challenges of its ecosystem. It also seeks to find impactful solutions with the potential to be scaled and replicated.

This year, Girl MOVE Academy has launched a new edition of Changemaker LAB, the social innovation laboratory led by Mozambican women that activates local Mozambican talent. This is an innovation program that contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 agenda. An intensive 4-month program where Girl MOVERS - licensed young Mozambicans, work in the communities of Nampula to test and validate ideas to solve economic and social challenges in Mozambique.

In partnership with companies, the girls develop solutions to respond to the real challenges that communities face. In 2022, the solutions that will be designed are in the areas of renewable energy and mobility, circular economy, peace, agriculture and nutrition, sanitation, health, digital literacy and financial literacy.

PLMJ (Portugal) is committed to the challenge of ensuring peace, justice and human rights, and will be specifically supporting this project for 13 weeks. The project started in April and will have its closing session in July.

Building off the momentum from SyCipLaw's (Philippines) solid waste management initiatives in 2021, SyCipLaw partnered with Basic Environmental Systems and Management Inc. (BEST) to encourage participation not only of the SyCipLaw community but also all of the tenants with offices at the SyCipLaw building in BEST’s Trash to Cashback Program.  BEST will set up a pop-up booth every week at the SyCipLaw building to collect recyclable materials from the building’s tenants in exchange for environmental points. The recyclable materials that may be collected are metal, plastic, paper, and compostable waste. SycipLaw plans to expand the scope of recyclable materials by including electronic waste or e-waste as part of its solid waste management initiatives. Given the proliferation and nature of electronic products, the improper disposal of e-waste also impacts the environment. SyCipLaw aims to provide the community with the necessary information on the proper disposal of e-waste.  SyCipLaw intends to engage with organizations that deal specifically with e-waste management and recycling. For this year's WLG | impact, they will conduct an e-waste collection drive to be sent or donated to e-waste recycling organizations for proper disposal.

Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak (Poland) will repeat the initiative from last year, which brought great results and was very popular among our associates.

For 10 days, SK&S’ associates will record the number of steps they have taken. This program aims to encourage colleagues to be physically active, and walk to work instead of drive. Everyone who has taken a minimum of 10,000 steps a day will receive eco prizes. The 3 people who win the competition who take the highest number of steps will also receive a 3-month top-up of their public transport tickets

TozziniFreire (Brazil) will participate by screening documentaries that concern environmental issues for its employees, followed by a partner-led roundtable to discuss the films and explore topics that connect the environment and business.

VILAF (Vietnam) will participate by donating to a local charity and hosting a blood drive.

Our member firms aren't the only ones participating in WLG | impact this June! The World Law Group staff team will collect and dispose of trash in our respective local communities in Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado, and Nova Scotia.

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